Field Works Completed in All the Pilot Areas under the Pilot Project for Systemic Land Registration


All the field works have been completed in the pilot areas under the Pilot Project for Systemic Land Registration.

Cadastral surveys/measurements have been conducted for all the land parcels in Jimiti, Mzisguli, Arboshiki, Arkhiloskalo, Zaridzeebi, Manglisi, Saguramo, Karaleti, Salkhino, Vedidkari, Shuakhevi and Lakhamula. Collection of the field data, public displays and verification of the data have also been completed. In total, more than 54,000 applications have been processed.

The second stage of the Pilot Project activities (i.e. registration of land parcels) is currently underway. As of to date, more than 30,000 land parcels have been registered under the Pilot project for Systemic Land Registration. The registration procedures are currently underway in Karaleti and Saguramo pilot areas. The registration procedures will be completed by the end of the year.

The Pilot Project for Systemic Registration is a part of the land registration reform and envisages the registration of land titles in 12 areas selected to represent the geographic diversity of the country based on the data obtained and processed in a systemic and proactive manner. Under the Pilot Project, all private, state and municipal land parcels will be registered; a database will be established; the landowners  who could not  register their land titles due to the absence of proper documents, defects in their documents, disputes with neighbors, costs of cadastral survey preparation or any other reasons, will now be able to register their land titles free of charge, easily and without any obstacles; all the  stakeholders will be involved in the administrative proceedings.