Summary Presentation in Arkhiloskalo Pilot Area


In Arkhiloskalo community center, NAPR held a summary presentation on the works completed in Arkhiloskalo pilot area under the Pilot Project for Systemic Land Registration.

Ms. Elene Grigolia, the Pilot Project manager, gave a brief account of the completed activities and statistics. She also thanked the local residents for their active involvement and Dedoplistskaro municipality for their support.   In his speech, Mr. Nikoloz Janiashvili, Mayor of Dedoplistskaro Municipality emphasized the importance of ownership rights registration for the development of the local economy and regional land market.  The meeting was attended by the local residents and the Municipality representatives.

Arkhiloskalo is the third pilot area in the region where the pilot project was successfully completed. According to the recent data 1323 land parcels were registered in the said pilot area. According to the latest statistics, 2,330 land parcels have been identified in the area and 1,323 of them have already been registered.  The registration procedure will be completed in June.

The technical works have been completed in Arboshiki Village of the aforementioned municipality and the public display of the data is currently underway. The survey works continue in Saguramo and Salkhino villages.