The Pilot Project for Systemic Registration was presented to the Residents of Vedidkari Village


Under the Pilot Project for Systemic Land Registration a meeting was held with the residents of Vedidkari Village of Martvili Municipality. The Pilot Project representatives, informed the pilot area residents about the works, tasks and the planned activities under the Project.

The meeting was also attended by local government representatives.

The technical field works started in Vedidkari pilot area in November. Under the Pilot Project survey/measurement plans of land parcels will be prepared, information on land owners and ownership evidence will be collected. Interested persons can receive consultations on land title registration issues on site. After the completion of the technical works, legal processing of the findings will be conducted. 

Vedidkari Village of Martvili Municipality is one of 12 settlements where the World Bank financed Pilot Project for Systemic Land Registration is underway.

The Pilot Project for Systemic Registration is a part of the land registration reform and envisages the registration of land titles in the selected areas based on the data obtained and processed in a systemic and proactive manner. Under the Pilot Project, all private, state and municipal land parcels will be registered; a database will be established; the landowners  who could not  register their land titles due to the absence of proper documents, defects in their documents, disputes with neighbors, costs of cadastral survey preparation or any other reasons, will now be able to register their land titles free of charge, easily and without any obstacles; all the  interested persons will be involved in the administrative proceedings.

The Pilot Project started in July 2017 and is implemented in 12 settelments : Karaleti ( Gori Minicipality), Jimiti (Gurjaani Municipality), Arboshiki (Dedoplistskaro Municipality), Arkhiloskalo (Dedoplistskaro Municipality), Salkhino (Vano Municipality), Manglisi (Tetritskaro Municipality), Zaridzeebi (Tianeti Municipality), Vedidkari (Martvili   Municipality), Lakhamula (Mestia Municipality ), Saguramo (Mtskheta Municipality ) , Mzisguli (Sagarejo Municipality ), Shuakhevi (Shuakhevi Municipality)