The EU Mission Expert Peter Tasker Observed the Systemic Registration Process on Site


The EU Mission Expert Peter Tasker Observed the Systemic Registration Process on Site


On 18.10.2017 Mr. Peter Tasker, the EU mission expert observed the systemic land registration process on site. He visited Jimiti Village in Gurjaani Municipality -   one of the pilot areas under the Pilot Project for Systemic Registration.


Peter Tasker saw the progress of field works. Mr. Papuna Ugrekhelidze, the Chairman of the National Agency of Public Registry (NAPR) and NAPR staff members showed Mr. Tasker the data processing in Jimiti field office.


Papuna Ugrekhelidze and NAPR staff members presented a survey plan of his land parcel to Jimiti resident Jimsher Beriashvili and explained to him the details of the registration procedures.


NAPR Chairman pointed out that when Georgia became independent, agricultural land was privatized and a land reform was conducted in 1992-1999. However, the land registration process had numerous defects and has not been completed.

“With the support of the World Bank we have started a new project for systemic registration. Under this project, we will visit our citizens in a proactive manner, determine their ownership rights, survey their land parcels, locate them with regard to the adjacent land plots and geographic features. Our goal is to leave no land parcel unsurveyed and no ownership right unregistered. We are now in Jimiti Village of Gurjaani Municipality. The survey works and identification of ownership rights will simultaneously start in Mzisguli Village of Sagarejo Municipality. The final result of these activities will be the registered ownership rights, which will enable our citizens to put their property in civil turnover more easily. I believe it is an important process and its proper implementation is no less important,” stated Papuna Ugrekhelidze.

Jimsher Beriashvili, the resident of Jimiti, expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing works and the Project.

Peter Tasker visited Jimiti Village as a members of the mission to evaluate the implementation of the Financing Agreement on "Support to the Justice Sector Reform in Georgia" in 2015-2018.